March 15, 2013

Being Judgemental

There are some things I can not change. Back when the Internet was in its infancy, I was a going to high school. Being the impatient young fella I was, there are parts of my previous blogging career I want to forget. I'm starting afresh. From scratch. And step by step, I'm planning to be a born-again blogger with a little help from Posterous.

It is very easy to judge people based on what they write or say. We live in a world where changing your mind about something leads to being labelled as 'fickle','flip-flopper' or 'contradictory'. This world is turning into a tiny place with a long trail of your online history left to be archived. As time goes, I think we will move towards a society where people do not judge others solely from one incident or article. Recent history of cyber bullying makes me think it could take a while.

As move into a more interconnected world, what with smartphones, tablets and the internet taking over your microwave oven, it is going to be hard to cover your tracks of online goof-ups. Armchair critics from all around the world who happen to chance upon your article get to pass judgements on your opinions or anything you say that happens to be politically or socially awkward. Now, in a perfect world, online anonimity is something that should be your birth right. However, hiding behind proxies (there is a chance you can get tracked even if you do)  to achieve anonimity is something I won't advice. 

Moving forward, I think everyone will start watching what they say online. There is already a large online overlap between your social networks and work network. The social aspect is creeping into all your networks online: twitter, facebook, blog, reddit, linkedin. Expressing yourself on any of these sites without trying to self-filter the opinion will only lead to infamy which might last very long. The interwebs is turning judgemental, with an attention span that is growing shorter as I write this. 

So, here's to a new begining. A fresh begining.

A blog the 16 year old me would have mocked.

A blog the 26 year old me thinks is necessary.

A blog the 60 year old me can continue to write on.

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